Feminist Critical Literacy

From Mainstream Culture to Didactic Produsage


{“pageCount”:132,”publicationPlace”:”España”,”biblioIds”:[{“displayValue”:”978-8-419-31230-3″,”type”:”ISBN13″,”value”:”9788419312303″},{“displayValue”:”https://doi.org/10.36006/09130″,”type”:”DOI”,”value”:”https://doi.org/10.36006/09130″}],”subtitle”:”From Mainstream Culture to Didactic Produsage”,”chapterCount”:0,”format”:”PDF”,”edition”:1,”language”:”en”,”type”:”SIMPLE”,”uuid”:”0ee1604b-ce1a-47cb-b493-6e32f6d855f9″,”publicationDate”:”mayo, 2022″,”authors”:[{“part”:”AUTHOR”,”fullName”:”Laura Triviño Cabrera”,”id”:1599,”url”:”https://eoctaedro.com:443/webreader/ext-author?authorId=1599″}]}

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Fecha: mayo, 2022

ISBN13: 9788419312303

DOI: https://doi.org/10.36006/09130

Nº páginas: 132

Idioma: Inglés



This book explores, as one of the priorities of the feminist agenda in the 21st century, feminist education and awareness in pre-service and in-service teacher training. Although feminism is constantly present in political discourse and social media, it is not examined sufficiently in the classroom. This situation means that students approach feminism through media culture, lacking the feminist knowledge necessary to teach disciplinary knowledge from the feminist perspective. 

Feminist theory, as a critical theory, provides teacher training based on the formation of  critical-creative thinking and the resolute interpretation of the relevant social issues of the world in which we live. We understand the process of ‘Feminist Critical Literacy’ outlined here as a plan to find a feminist utopia, specifically, in the training of teachers from all disciplines, although more oriented towards the Social and Human Sciences and Artistic Education through the use of multimodality as a pedagogical approach. If future teachers do not develop feminist cognitive lenses, they will not be prepared to teach women’s experiences and gender perspectives to their own students. This would then contribute to the endurance of an androcentric culture where there are no women’s models that can serve as a stimulus or be historical references for female students. 


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